Our 1st Airstream Camping Trip

I think I am still recovering from our first trip to Pymatuming State Park in Ohio with the Airstream…and it is now August :/ We’ve taken two other trips since then, and things have gone much smoother!

Our first trip could have really been much worse. First of all it was a rainy Thursday afternoon, and the plan was to leave as soon as I got home from work – 4:30ish. My husband was supposed to leave work at noon and it was his job to get the camper ready. The campground calls me at 2pm to say that we should fill up on fresh water before coming to the campground. And that they “hoped” to have the water and sewer ready for us by Friday. Strike one so far.

So I call my husband after I talk to the state park, fully expecting him to be at home packing up the camper…not so much. At 2:30 he was still at work…grrrr! This was our first “official” camping trip and I wanted to be sure we had everything we needed. So his suggestion, “maybe we should just leave tomorrow morning?” Well if anyone knows my husband, his famous motto is “Stick to the Original Plan.” Because as soon as you deviate from the original plans, things get screwed up…trust me. So I convince him that it will be raining even harder tomorrow, so let’s just get this done tonight.


Can you find Dozer?

We leave around 6pm. Not bad. It’s only an hour drive. It took us a while to get set up and settled in. Our second mistake, bring something easy and quick to cook on your first night. I brought stuffed peppers wrapped with bacon, and although they were good, a true pain in the but to cook in the dark.

Friday late morning the skies were starting to clear up…hooray!! Oh and I forgot to mention the mud pit that was in front of our door. There was no way around it….our brand new shiny airstream was going to get mud inside!!! I was freaking out! So I had a bucket of water for our dog’s paws, and we made sure to take off our shoes before entering the airstream. And I’m talking mud pit. I forgot how mushy things are in the spring.

We get up Friday morning, and continue to play around with the water heater wondering why it’s not heating up the water. We were lucky enough to have a super neighbor – Norman, that helped NOT to burn up the water heater. As Norm made his inspection, he found that we did not have water in the tank of the water heater…YIKES!!! On our first trip, we could have burned up the water heater 😦 Okay, lesson #1 learned…the hard way.

We go about out day, do a little hiking and really just relaxing. Friends and family came out to see us since we were so close to home. At night it was a little rainy, cold and damp, so we watched a movie inside with some snacks! So cozy!!

So it’s now day 2. Saturday morning. I take our dog Dozer for a morning walk while my husband
takes charge of making breakfast. Now mind you, that we have a “convection” oven in our Airstream. Neither one of us have ever operated anything other than a plain ol microwave oven. But I guess you can cook a turkey in an hour. It has a lot of different settings – grill – roast – etc. So not wanting to go outside and grill the bacon, my husband decides that he will “grill” the bacon in the microwave/convection oven. So in his defense, what is the first thing everyone does when you put bacon in the microwave?? Put it on a plate and cover it with a paper towel so it doesn’t splatter. Right? Well….not on “grill” setting you don’t 😥  I come back to the camper and I am just about to open the door and my husband says thru the screen (with the most serious look I have seen in a while) “You can’t come in here. I had a fire.” What??!?!?! I said “what do you mean a ‘fire’?!?”  So he tells me about how he put the bacon on a plate, covered it with paper towel and put it on the grill setting. Turned around and the bacon and paper towel were on fire!! I almost had to grab the fire extinguisher, but luckily did not need it. Everything but the plate was reduced to a pile of ash.

We got it cleaned up and figured out how to use the microwave on the normal setting. Lesson #3 learn to use the convection oven before operating.

So that was our trip to Pymatuming State Park. Anything but uneventful. We did learn a lot, and how are you going to learn if you don’t make mistakes. Lucky for us we did not burn up the water heater or burn down the camper.

We’ve gone camping to 2 other places since – Hocking Hills, Ohio and Cook Forest, PA. I’ll write about those “adventures” in another post, we did learn from those experiences as well, they just weren’t as dramatic as our first trip.

Let me know what kind of stories you have of your first camping trip!

Xo my fellow campers!

Kim, Ron & Dozer


Our 1st Night

We did it! We spent our first night in our Airstream (in our driveway of course) ….man did we sleep like crap. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this will get more comfortable as we (my husband Ron and our boy Dozer) get used to camper living, but the first night was really rough. I think the only one who got a decent nights sleep was Dozer.

Even though we were in our driveway (how funny did I look running across the driveway in my pi’s with my pillow in hand to sleep in the Airstream) we seemed out of our element. We did however have a major break thru…Dozer slept on the couch rather than with us in bed! Now before any animal activists go all crazy on me for not letting our dog sleep in bed…he is an 85lb. Doberman Pincher, NOT a Chihuahua :/  When Dozer and my husband took their first nap, Dozer cuddled up right next to Ron in bed. We figured we’d just let it be since we were trying to get him (Dozer) used to the camper.

But with both Ron and I in bed, there definitely had to be some ground rules for Dozer, prince of the household. And I have to say, the boy did quite well…and so did Dozer 😉  Since it is early January and we still have a while before our first trip, we figured we would spend a few more nights getting used to our little ‘slice of silver paradise’.

Next on the agenda is getting Dozer used to spending some time alone in the camper. Any suggestions are very much appreciated! We don’t want our “little” man to freak out the first time we go camping and leave him by himself.

~Xo travel’n buddies!

Kim, Ron & Dozer


Keep’n the Shiny Side Up


We brought her home December 19th, 2014. It was a terrifying 3 hour ride from Columbus, Ohio to Boardman, Ohio.

‘What did we just do’ were the thoughts of both my husband and I. We always knew we wanted an Airstream at some point in our lives. But I’m not sure either one of us were actually ready for this commitment to happen so soon.

It actually started as a dream of my husbands…neither one of us have ever owned any type of camper / rv before. My husband’s parents owned a C class camper and he did some camping as a kid, but never in a silver bullet.

Let me first introduce ourselves, my name is Kim and I work as a Marketing Manager for a commercial printer. My husband Ron, is an independent insurance agent, a true entrepreneur. He started his business from scratch (in the basement of his parents house) 14 years ago. And today he has a staff of 5. Someone I truly look up to as a go-getter!

I wasn’t totally on board when he told me he wanted an Airstream…my first response was, “but don’t you want one of those camper that have the ‘slide-out’ so we have more room?”  He was dead set against ever owning on of those S.O.B. (Some-Other-Brand – as our Airstream salesman called them). But all Ron had to say is that we could take the dogs with us. Well then, where do I sign up!

I have a 3 year old Doberman and we just had to say a sweet goodbye to our 11.75 year old White German Shepherd named Storm. And the thought of having my dog(s) with me is what life is all about. Although Storm will forever travel with us in spirit, we will eventually get another German Shepherd, most likely another white one.

It started November 15, 2014, with a little mini trip to Columbus, Ohio to just “check-out” the Airstreams. We took my mom and dad (my dad is the one you want to take with you when you are checking out anything from lamps to RV’s). We drove down to Haydocy Airstream – road trip! We spent 2 1/2 hours talking to the salesman Eric Davis. Great guy who told us “newbies” all what we could absorb in a short amount of time.

Fast forward…all my husband could think about afterwards was this 23′ International Airstream…it was more than what we were looking for – length-wise, but my dad felt confident that our new home on wheels would fit in our driveway. So on December 19, after many phone calls to Eric, banks,etc…the three of us – Ron, my dad and myself found ourselves leaving for Columbus at 7am.

It was a long but short day. We took my Doberman – Dozer with us – I mean he’s gotta get used to going on road trips right? After information overload, and signing our life away (again) we left the dealership by 4pm the same day with a brand new 23′ Airstream literally in tow.

We haven’t made a trip yet, nor do we even have a plan. The Airstream (which I think it’s only appropriate to name ‘her’) has been winterized so we probably won’t be going anywhere until spring. After we can get Dozer used to being in the camper especially by himself. He already got the napping in the bed down to a science. He and my husband tried it out about 2 weeks ago and they both slept like babies. And some of you might be wondering what’s with “Shiny Side Up”…friends of ours that have one of those S.O.B. campers 😉 gave us newbies one important piece of advice, “Keep the shiny side up” so I thought that was most appropriate for the name of our blog.

My husband and I can’t wait to meet other Airstream owners and hear about everyone’s travels. Right now we are learning all that we can from reading and going online, but I know our true experiences and knowledge will come from being on the road.

I hope you check back…once we start our travels I plan on blogging about our adventures and the new friends we meet! Thank you, Kim, Ron & Dozer